Sunday, April 14, 2013


It must be strawberry season somewhere.....surely not here in Western NC......but all those displays of fresh strawberries in our groceries stores finally called me....

 ....and a yummy strawberry pie, which marries fresh strawberries and a sweetened/lemony cream cheese layer, was the result.
I SHOULD have stopped after the 1st photo......but noooooo I went on to make a strawberry use up the leftover crushed strawberries.

A. Crushing the fruit colored the glaze in an unflattering way in my humble opinion.
B. I made too much so rather than waste any.....I kept pouring.....thus I'm guessing I may have a soggy crust as the excess seeps in down the edges.

No worries....I taste tested each will be delicious, if not as pretty as I'd desire!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day wherever you may be.....


Windy Hill Happenings said...

I think it looks fabulous! and I want the recipe...girlfriend!

Robbie said...

Can't wait for Sunday market day back in Michigan....and I'm sure you're enjoying a piece of your pie as we type our comments!