Monday, March 11, 2013


A new project is underway and I have our son and wonderful DIL to thank for the color inspiration.  They lived in Portland, OR for a number of years which I suspect is behind the development of their personal color scheme.

I rarely work with a lot with greens, greys, & charcoal colors.  Not to mention lime greens!  But I love their decorating style, which is soothing and yet modern and fun. 

 So when I was searching for the right combination to create a small felted wool wall piece to highlight this beautiful agate slice....I found myself being influenced by the kids!

 A 'Woolfelt' heather gray 80/20 blend from National NonWoven's was my choice for the background.  The finished size was marked on my stabilizer which was then thread basted to the material.  Having a size reference (the thread basting) visible on the front of the fabric is helpful during the design process.

  A pile of potential felt was gathered.
......and some cutting and auditioning began....
.....and continued..... let's see where this takes me......

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Robbie said...

The lime green really works well doesn't it! Reminds me of the latest 'modern quilt' quilts! Nice!