Sunday, March 10, 2013


We (mostly 'the husband') are celebrating the year anniversary of the adoption of Sooty, our energetic, personality filled black lab.  It is also our wedding anniversary.....hey, most gals probably receive candy, flowers, jewelry or other typical romantic goodies on that special date.  I was astonished last year to learn 'we' had adopted a dog!  I wish I could say I was thrilled at the time.....but truthfully, I wasn't. But, now she's grown on me.

 "The husband" volunteer's every week for Sarge's pet rescue, taking photos of dogs/cats at the county animal shelter that he then posts for adoption on the Internet.

It's common practice to bring your pet back to Sarge's for a visit on the anniversary of their adoption....which we dutifully did. 
 Sooty also was treated to a favorite treat which will keep her busy for hours.  Hummmmm....what's wrong with this picture?  Hey....there's no special treat for Mary.....I guess I should be thankful that I didn't receive a bone too!
 I can almost hear her chomping on the bone....even though she's in the man cave, two floors away from my studio where I'm hiding out!
Cute, no??  I guess we'll keep her!


Victoria said...

She's beautiful! Happy Anniversary to all three of you!

Robbie said...

AAAHHHHHHHHHH So cute!!! But so are you! At least your hubby recognized it was your anniversary...or should I say remembered! :) Trust me on this one!