Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is a show and tell summary of our retreat....

 Kate has been making these really wonderful, cozy, and colorful lap quilts.  They are made from layers of......drum roll please......knit fabrics!*!*!  This view is a closeup so you can see the exposed seam allowance with its slit cuts that curl after washing.
 ....and here's a full view
 Each year Leigh Anne tackles the most challenging piecing projects....leaving this not-so-much piecer duly impressed!!
 Georgia Bonesteel was using a product she developed to make these crazy patch squares.  It's called Grid Grip..... It can be used to sew all sorts of quilt blocks and it makes stitching patchwork soooo much easier!
 Janice is another one of our expert piecers.....always using her artist's eye to combine just the right colors and patterns!
Barbara made not only 1 but two tops......she too loves to piece and has a knack for using just the right fabrics to make her quilts sing.

This is Barbara's second top....which I covet!!!  I'm still a sucker for those scrappy two color quilts.....

So we come to the end of our 5th annual PTA retreat.....and of course our calendars are already marked for next March when we will return to Lake Logan and to it all over again.

I've received numerous comments and personal emails...expressing your wish to have a similar experience.  Well....why don't you??  Gather some like minded out a compatible facility....even if it's someone's home and just DO IT!!


Robbie said...

Where is your work? Or was it in another post I missed? love all the patchwork/piecing. Really nice!
You are right about just get together like minded folks. We started a small 'fiber study' group about 8 or 9 years ago. We meet once a month at the local library (meeting room) and have show & tell; talk about problems, suggestions in our work. We used to have a dye retreat weekend but we all have too much fabric now to dye more! :) Still fun to get together once a month. Actually, never thought of meeting for a weekend! hmmmmmmm

Mary Stori said...

FYI - my project was posted on March 15th.....

Judy Ferguson said...

I am not much of a piecer, but I have done a few. I also have a small fiber art group that meets once a month. We have become very close friends. Love the raw edges. That's my kind of quilt.