Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone......

There weren't any Easter baskets in this household today.....however we have a very thoughtful neighbor who presented these yummy treats to us.  BUT WAIT....they aren't people food....nope....instead these are doggie treats!
Here's our Sooty with her Easter beggin' face!
 Here's Sooty nearly removing fingers as she enthusiastically gobbles one.
Here's Sooty trying to vacuum up every tidbit.
......and here's Nali, our son's black lab on Easter day 2004.  She's the reason 'the husband' has coveted a lab for years and years.  We often 'dog sat' Nali and had fun doing 'art theraphy' with her as she 'finger painted sheets of blank paper in our basement...which were ultimately framed!!  Among many other notable activities, we also took her to a paint your own pottery shop where she imprinted her paws on coffee cups.  In this photo, she had fun finding Easter eggs filled with dog treats!  

Hope you and yours are enjoying and treasuring this day as well.

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Robbie said...

How sweet! I didn't even get Kalee an Easter treat! But I did get hubby his truffle candy! Is that being a good wife/mom??