Friday, March 15, 2013


From one year to the next, we anxiously await our annual 3 day PTA (Professional Textile Artists) fiber group's retreat.  It's held at Lake Logan Retreat Center in Canton, NC.  The gathering never fails to provide a great opportunity for creativity, fun, & to solidify our friendship. 

Because concentrating on anything that requires too much thinking, several of us usually pool our fabrics and each make a similar scrap quilt.  We come with fabrics cutout and a layout of the project, plus all the other trappings required to make a quilt top.
 This may be difficult to believe.....but we arrive at 9:30.....and my very first patches weren't stitched together until 10:59 AM.  Seriously, you'd think we 10 gals hadn't seen each other in years, rather than only a mere 4 weeks.....  So, it takes time for all of us to settle down and get our projects underway.

Here's are foursome set up.....
 At the end of the 3 days.....Kate, Judy, Gen and I all had our tops pieced.
.....and we have Linda Cantrell to thank......this year she decided not to make a specific project.  Instead, she became the 'presser' and 'go for' for the entire group!!  So she spend a LOT of time slaving over a hot iron!!


MulticoloredPieces said...

I am sooooooo envious!
best, nadia

Nancy Bowron said...

Sounds like great fun!

Robbie said...

You are a productive group! Glad you had a fun time!