Saturday, March 23, 2013


The project currently demanding my attention can't be revealed for awhile yet.....and don't you just hate when you read this type of disclaimer on a blog?  Ya gotta ask....'well then, why are you teasing us?' this case it's not because the project itself is a big's more about the fact that it's an upcoming bear with me.

However, a trick I often use to maintain the postion of my design when the final layout is on my design wall might be helpful to you.  Fusing, especially raw edge fusing, is not a technique utilized very often in my work.  However, the ability to view and position applique motifs on a design wall before fusing does have a welcome appeal!

But....dang...once you have everything just how you want's difficult to move an entire quilt top to the pressing station.  If straight pins are used to 'tack' the motifs in place...half the time the pins end up getting secured to the flannel, the other half fall off.'s what I do....  I use a 2" x 5" small, heavy flat iron to heat set the designs in place while they are still on the wall.  'The husband' recycled it to me ages ago after I had mentioned my little Clover one (about 1" in length) was too small & lightweight for this task.

It works like a champ.....the motifs are secured enough to transport the entire piece to my ironing board for a final pressing with losing any of the design elements in the process!

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Robbie said...

Love the tease! And the tip, of course...sure beats laying on your cutting matt and ironing...unless you want a buckled matt!