Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My machine has been unusually busy lately as I created this simple patchwork lap quilt.  During my reorganizing frenzy awhile back, a whole bunch of hand dyed fabrics were uncovered.  They were purchased years ago from a fabulous dyer who is no longer in business.  However, the last time I used the fabrics for a piece that would be washed, I realized most of the dyes were not stable....therefore I've put off working with them again.

But, after several Retayne baths....they no longer bleed.

 Sitting at the machine for long periods of time is not a favorite part of my sewing activities.....  So, naturally I design with quick and easy patchwork these days.
 Really....how much quicker could it get?
I began by making randomly sized blocks.....12.5" wide and a variety of heights.  The first two rows are organized here....it was then that I realized I was going to have to be a bit more thoughtful about the remaining two rows because I didn't have an endless supply of some of these colors!

 It's coming together...
 The last row required the most planning to distribute a pleasing color and placement of the blocks.
The still unnamed piece measures about 50" x 60".  It will be machine quilted using a grid design.  I'll post a photo later when it's complete.  Sometimes these quickies are good diversions for me....really one can't bead all the time...or can I???

One final thing....and it's a total whine, bad loser, poor sport comment.  The Packers got ROBBED last night!!!!

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Robbie said...

Love geometric designs...NICE work on this one!

Boo hoo for us both this weekend!!! But there's always next week!