Wednesday, September 19, 2012


One of our fellow blog readers here wrote with an inquiry about purchasing one of my small resist dyed wall quilts listed on my blogshop.  Specifically she was interested in knowing how these little pieces are hung.

Perhaps others wonder too.  So here's some hanging tips for wool quilts.....

 A traditional cotton fabric sleeve is utilized on my larger woolfelt pieces.  I make my sleeve with a 1/4" ease to provide room for the hanging rod, making it less visible on the front.
These new small pieces of mine have taken some time to find the best method.  Generally they aren't as thick and due to the size, a dowel would simply be too heavy & thick.  

Also, since they are often irregular in shape a sleeve becomes problematic.  And finally, I need to allow for the possibility that the purchaser might wish to frame the piece.  I've decided not to frame at this end, except in rare occassions. It adds too much to the cost and difficulty of shipping.  Not to mention that the color of frame, style etc. are such personal decisions.

All my wool pieces are backed with either felted wool or bamboo/rayon felt.  The later is thinner and a good choice for the small pieces.  Corner triangles of felted wool are hand stitched to the back...after determining a 'plumb' line to allow the design to hang straight (taking the uneven edges into consideration.)

Notice the small metal rod used for the piece in the photo above.  This was one of my 'happy dance' ideas.  It's lightweight, easy to ship, and doesn't add bulk. If the new owner wishes to frame the piece....this rod is removed...but the triangles can remain.

And finally....also after a lot of experimenting.  I now fuse my label to the back.  I'm not a big fuser...preferring instead the look of hand work.  However, the seam allowance of turned fabric labels can sometimes give a slight impression on the front of the now print my label on my Espon 520 Workhorse printer and fuse!

Here's a view of the front side of the piece.....  
"Yellow & Blue - Green"   6.5" x 6" available here.

 It's a real treat to 'see' where my pieces end up.  This quilt is owned by Linda Oberg who lives in the Metro Denver area. 
 I'm so flattered.....clearly she is a discerning collector!!!  Thank you Linda and Gwen for the photos!!

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