Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Since I need a bit of R & R for my body to recover from its dog induced spill on Sunday.....not much will be going on in the studio for a few days.

So, even though it's a bit early....let me share a project I recently completed for our new grandson.  He'll be 6 months old at Halloween and of course ready for a custom made costume by Grandma!

I made our son's (often elaborate) costumes for years when he was little so this task was welcome.  Raiden will be a bottle of hot sauce....assuming the parents will dress up....our son will be a burrito, wrapped in tin foil and DIL a taco.  What a picture that will be!!

We have the full & very confusing, difficult to use version of Photoshop.  Yes, I've purchased several Photoshop for Dummies books......I guess I need the 'dunce' versions instead.  

So after more hours that I'd like to admit.....and lots of rejects....I combined some graphics and text to create a label for the hot sauce bottle on white polished cotton fabric.  

The kids live in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco....thus the personalized reference here.

 Unfortunately, the text spacing didn't work for a diamond shape label, so back to the computer to start over.  But I got it finally!  

Using felted wool scraps, various pepper shapes are being auctioned as the label sits on the rectangle of red felt.
 Front of costume....simple neck opening and holes for arms.  My DIL thankfully reminded me of the need to be able to access diapers and the ability to strap Raiden into a car seat.....so the bottom is just left open.
Since I had a spare print from my first digital transfer, I put it on the back.  Initially I'd planned to gather the neck with a draw string but on second thought, I decided that might be a bit bulky and uncomfortable (fitting isn't easily accomplished half-way across the country).  My solution was to add two ties at the back neck...placed several inches apart.....when tied, it will pleat up to take up any extra slack.

And of course the bottle 'top' completes baby Raiden's first Halloween adventure.

Anyone else making costumes they'd like to share??


Robbie said...

Way toooooo cute! You are such a good grandma!

Robbie said...

Can you tell I'm just catching up on blog reading!!

Lisa Chin said...

Awww - I was going to say that he will be very sweet but I suppose he will actually be very spicy! ;)

Nina Marie said...

LOL!! tooo cute!! When Tessa was 10 mo old she went as a strawberry - all dressed up in bright red sweats with a strawberry green hat top - she had of course specks of black texture paint on her shirt. She was the youngest child to walk in the parade (she had been walking a good mo at that point - sighhhhhh)

wholly jeanne said...

Well this is one for the cedar chest. What fun! Sorry about the tumble, though.

Quilter Beth said...

Oooooo, I really like the costume; it is SO cute.