Monday, September 10, 2012


No photos today....who wants to see bruises.....physical or emotional?!?

So yesterday my day started out lovely......the now daily dense morning fog lifted early and we set out for our morning walk.  I actually call it a 'forced march', as we walk every square inch of our subdivision.  That includes a 1,000 foot elevation change - 4 times, requiring a 90 min. time commitment.

However, it's very helpful for my 20 year long battle with osteoporosis, and to exercise our 2 year old black lab. we rounded a corner....Sooty spots a rabbit.  Sooty is STRONG.....VERY STRONG.  I had my hand snugly holding the retractable leash, when suddenly I became Sally Field.  First as the Flying feet left the ground as Sooty tore off after the I was Gidget....body surfing the blacktop road.  Totally knocked the breath out of me....scraps, bruises, and perhaps 1 or 2 broken fingers are the result. Did I say she was STRONG??  I'd have let go of the leash if it hadn't happened so fast.....seriously this was instant.  I won't bother you will the rest of the details....but I did not have a comfortable isn't any better either.  The good news is that I've had more broken bones with less drama, so perhaps the new once of year injection I receive for osteoporosis is acutally helping!

It got worse......our beloved Packers looked like rookies.  NO defense.....I cringe at the thought of Thurs. nights' game....losing is bad enough....but unthinkable where the Bears are concerned!

And finally......oh my.....week 1 of the suicide pool and I'm OUT....and in it's over for me.  Why oh why did I select New Orleans to win??  A team that is being punished for cheating??  Geesh.  If I'd only known my SIL had pick them too....I wouldn't have.  She has the worst annual pool luck......I don't think she's ever made it past week 1 or 2 in all the years her son has organized it.  In fact, 3 of the 6 of us in our family are out on week 1!!!!  A total of 9 participants picked the losing team this week.....3 more have a chance to be out tonight depending upon if Philadelphia wins or not.

So....this is my sad tale of my black and blue Sunday.  Don't get me wrong....I still appreciate that I had a Sunday to grumble goes on and so does the suicide pool...without me......

 But congratulations to Robbie.....who got a last minute thrill from the Lions!


Robbie said...

You need a day at the spa!! Or just soak in your tub!!! Glad your injuries were not worse than what you have!! It could have been SO bad!!! Be careful my friend! We need those fingers, hands, wrists to keep us posted on your life and work!! I'm sure Sooty is sorry!! She's just doing what dogs do...only usually without their owners attached to the leash!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh those labs. Will it make you feel any better to know the same thing happened to my over 6 ft tall, 200 lb husband? It's amazing how quickly those dogs can take off and send you flying. He only had scrapes on the palms of his hands (I think the jeans hid a lot of damage he wouldn't tell me about) but boy, was he steaming mad! Take care and heal. And condolences on the Packers. We thought of you when we heard the news and knew you'd be blue... Hugs from Judi and Sheila, aka the Rochester twins. ;-)