Thursday, November 10, 2011

PTA SILLINESS was our Nov. Professional Fiber Artist's (PTA) usual we concentrate of course on quilt related (monkey) well as food, chatting, and general silliness.

Under the heading of silliness.....  Has the 'feather' in the hair trend hit your area?  Seems that everyone around here is supporting at least one.  Connie Brown in our group was the first......but not the last.

 Linda Cantrell's first one was pink.....she's now gone classy and has one that blends into her hair color.

 Connie isn't worried about blending in......she's gone wild with her numerous feather additions.....including a large purple one.

 Kate's is a long slender feather that goes so well with her hair color and style.

 Cathy's is positioned for visibility......we all loved it!

 Connie's purple feather made the Mary is showing it off.

 Barbara is almost hysterical at the thought of wearing a feather in her hair.

Linda is positioning it in Judy's hair..... might ask....what about me?  Nope.....I'm passing on this trend....I'm so lazy about daily hair grooming....I don't want to have to think about dealing with a feather in mine!

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Robbie said...

Love the feathers!! My grand daughter has them in her hair but I never thought of putting them in mine!! Hmmmmm think I have to agree with you though just something else to do in the a.m.!!