Monday, November 28, 2011


Here are more inspired recycled treasures we found at the Screen Door in Asheville, NC (a really fun shop to browse and buy all sorts of truly unique items.)

 'The husband' would have loved to take this one home......if only we had room to display it!

 Here an artist (I couldn't find any business cards to acknowledge that person) is using pages from an old dictionary to make an unusual wall sculpture.'s another using catalog pages.  I loved the perforated edges the artist added.
Sitting down on the floor under a table in a nifty old wooden box were a pile of dried sunflower heads.  They were so full of texture and interest.....if the price would have been in my budget, I'd have brought some home.

 It's unusual to find newly made fiber pieces on display.  I gravitated toward this framed piece because it was hand appliqued wool.

This one may be difficult to see....the blue is the wall it was hanging on.  It's an unusual frame system....of which numerous configurations, colors, sizes were available. Basically, squares of old wainscoting were recycled and attached to another distressed plank of wood. What a clever idea to make it simple to slip a photo behind a piece of glass....allowing one to change the featured photos often.

Hope that if you are shopping on this cyber are finding great bargains of items on your Christmas list!

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