Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There hasn't been a lot of spare time to work out the finishing dilemma on the most recent wool felt piece that I've been struggling with.....so while that's percolating, I've turned to another idea.

 A whole pile of deconstructed screen dyed fabrics has been staring at me, along with several 'theme' ideas I want to pursue.  So finally I just jumped in by cutting one of the long sections I had printed into various size patched with black sashings of varying sizes to combine them.

Next, to stablize the fabric section, I thread basted it to batting and secured the unit in a Q-snap frame.

The change of the season from summer to fall has altered our landscape immensely.  We live in a mountain valley surrounded by forests.  I now see just silhouette of trees with a few sturdy leaves hanging in there! So...that's my theme.....trees!

My plan, which frankly is VERY vague in my mind....is to hand embroider the outline of various shapes of trees.  Because I haven't sketched it out....I'm reluctant to use a marking tool for fear I may change my mind and won't be able to wash it off.  

So instead, I'm drawing the shape on with pressure....sometimes free hand, other times using a ruler as a guide.  To assure a bold image....I'm embroidering with Aurefil's wool thread.  It's very visible, easy to work with, and provides a nice texture. 

I love the look of deconstructed fabric....but it has so much energy and for me.....it's difficult to work with.  I'm curious to see how this idea will work.

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Robbie said...

Curious on the progress of this piece too! Love the screen print!!