Sunday, November 13, 2011


Finally....I've had some free time to tackle finishing this new small wool/felt piece.   If you are at all interested in my here and here to view older posts.

The goal was to avoid my fall back outer edge finishing.....which often consists of border strips that cover the edges of the whole cloth central design area.  In this case, the edges did need covering to hide and secure the machine quilting.

My stash simply didn't contain enough yardage of the colors I needed to follow through with any other method.  I tried placing the design onto a larger background piece of woolfelt but the physical weight was too much (and personally, maybe even the visual weight.)

 Yet.....I experimented some more, trying to stabilize the pieces by beading them together.....nope....sometimes my long time motto "bead it like you mean it", doesn't apply.

 The focal point is the beaded stone.....scattering beads around to aid in the construction just took away from the star of the piece.

9" x 9"    SOLD

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