Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A PLAN ???

Well....a plan is beginning to be formed.....however, it's still somewhat fuzzy in my mind.....

 I've continued hand embroidering the outline and now some branches of trees.  The process of deconstructive dyeing yields a variety of images and colors, depending upon how many times the screen is printed...thus the fabric results you see here.

I'm utilizing some of the shapes that got printed for tree outlines, lopsided as they are....but of course nature isn't uniform, so I don't have to be either!

The base fabric is a very firm, high thread count muslin which prints well, but is not easy to embroidery this may take some time.  I have a VERY sore thumb this morning after an evening of stitching last night.

My other wool felt project is still staring at me.....waiting for Divine Intervention I think!

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Kit Lang said...

mmmmm... looking forward to seeing where this goes!