Monday, October 4, 2010


Years ago I started coloring in the states where I've taught on this map.......never really expecting I'd actually visit even 1/4 of them. Instead, it was just an interesting exercise in record keeping.

That leads us to Oct. 2010........I'm now coloring in Utah, where I arrived Monday to teach at the Utah State Quilters Guild Retreat.

It's being held all week at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. Everywhere I look there is a blog worthy photo to be taken. These cutie guys greet the guests at this Swiss style hotel. The hotel is immaculate, old world feel, and I'm already worried about weight gain.....the food.... esp. the bakery looks yummy.

I've had a run of three great hotel stays. First the Presidential Suite in Atlanta, then due to a VERY early flight Monday morning, I had to overnight Sunday night at an Asheville airport hotel where I was again upgraded to a suite......I could get used to that. And now, I walked into my room here....oh my.....a RECORD.....6 bed pillows, plus 2 small throw pillows. And a FULL complete toilet seat....none of this cheap split crack in the front as is often the case. Bliss.....

My hostess took me to the grocery store this's nice to have a chance to stock up on water (ya need to keep hydrated at this 5567 feet elevation) we didn't purchase this very non PC beer.....but we got a good chuckle from it.

The committee invited me to have dinner with them at a local Mexican restaurant. A very authentic had the largest salsa bar I've ever seen......all sporting a minimum of one 'flame' symbol, but most had at least 2.......this salsa was not for sissies.

My mouth is still on fire....

The show committee will all be wearing aprons with their show theme - Sew Many Friends. My hostess, Josephine personalized hers......isn't this just great?

I needed to arrive a day early for this event because I'm presenting the opening lecture tonight. They didn't want to take a chance that I wouldn't arrive in time.....what with having to take 3 flights to get here. So, since I'll have most of today free, I've offered to help hang the show.... which will provide a good opportunity to take pictures to share with you.
Watch for them soon.

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