Saturday, October 16, 2010


Judy Simmons led our group through the steps of deconstructive screen printing. Frankly, I didn't even understand what that meant. So....let me share what I learned (as I understood it). Traditional screen printing involves burning an image into a silk (or poly) screen and pulling dye through the screen onto prepared fabric. Very precise images can be obtained using this method.

Deconstructive printing involves using objects/texture beneath the screen (to create images) and pulling thickened dyes through the screen. The image is retained on the back side of the screen and when a release agent is used, the images are printed onto prepared fabric. Each swipe of the releasing agent yields a print with a different appearance. This was soooo much fun.

The inside edges of the framed screens are taped to protect the wood from warping because a lot of moisture is used during this process.

Val used these items to create texture on her print.....we worked in her garage.....look at the bug that landed on her hand!

Patsy had such a clever idea.....she brought shredded paper......which worked great.

I selected some crushed and then flattened tin foil, bubble wrap, tissue paper and ferns.

Here's my arrangement, just prior to adding the dyes.

The thickened dye is spooned onto the inside of the screen.

......and pulled through the screen.......

The items are removed, the screen is left to dry. The next step is to position the screen over the prepared fabric. A release agent is spooned into the screen......

.....and pulled through the fabric. Each print will look different, depending upon how much dye is released......

Hang in there....more to come tomorrow......

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I can't wait to see the results!