Saturday, October 9, 2010


Often traveling on the quilting highway means grabbing fast food and gulping it down on the run. We've been so fortunate at this conference to have the option of dinning at a fine restaurant in the evening.

A delicious complimentary starter greeted us....grilled shrimp on a mushroom button, topped with avocado...drizzled in a full flavored herb sauce....yummm.

This photo certainly doesn't do justice to this shrimp and fresh corn chowder.....I've now had it twice and wish there was a way for this blog to provide a taste test.

However, I can share the sights (if not the tastes).......this photo was taken about 6:00 PM.

Sue Nickels and I found ourselves taking photos of each other at the same time.......

Happily, a volunteer offered to document us here in Midway Midway...... (Sue is on the right).

Yesterday I taught my Embellished Wool Collage workshop.......I didn't get my camera out fast enough to document all the projects.....but here are a few 'process' photos made by my enthusiastic students.

Today, (Saturday) is my last class......I'll be heading back to the Blue Ridge Mountains on Sunday. This has been such a wonderful trip, so much's making me rethink my retirement thoughts!!

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Bev said...

Thank you for coming to Utah, Mary. We certainly enjoyed your opening night lecture and classes.