Sunday, October 3, 2010


Road Atlanta is the home of the Petit LeMans 10 hour car race held every October. Activities begin early in the week, and true race fans arrive early......and stay late! There are many sub-races and time trials to watch, but the big race takes place on Sat. from 11:15 AM and goes for either 10 hours or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first. Is this TMI??

It's a road course track and the gigantic grounds are filled as far as the eye can see.

The major auto teams bring huge, elaborate custom vans/tents for staging their garage areas.

We belong to the Porsche Club of America......each year the company has a hospitality tent for its members who attend the race. It's a great place to hide from the sun or rain....grab some water/pop or a snack. This year there were tech talks from many of the tire manufacturers, emergency workers, pit crews, and big wigs from the Porsche factory in Germany.

But ya gotta wonder who thought these lights were appropriate in this setting??

All the cars/drivers/pit crews are lined up prior to the race on the's a very spectator and fan friendly environment.

Some had skimpy dressed young women holding a NOT necessary!! So my niece Jenna (left) and I decided to pose for photos too......just in case someone wanted to see reality....not near nudity!

The organizers pulled out all the stops.......after some loud fireworks type booms prior to the race......several paratroopers glided in....carrying US flags.

And tons of balloons were released. Then at the end of the event.......10:00 PMish.......another loud and beautiful fireworks display was held prior to the trophy ceremonies. Porsche won the
'Drivers' award this year! Yeah......

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