Friday, October 15, 2010


Wow....I've had a couple of very busy days......there are lots of photos to share..... I'll begin with examples of just a few of the fabulous work of the Fiber Junkie's October Show and Tell. Our meeting this month focused on learning deconstructive screen printing techniques........I'll be posting these head is still spinning.....

Carol Sloan made this charming and modern book......yes, of course she not only made the cover, she made the actual book too.

Some of her adorable drawings inside.....

Patsy Thompson, master of machine quilting, shared her newest piece....... LOVE IT!!

Val dazzled us with the amazing results she achieved when we dyed fabric last month. Most of our fabrics were still wet when we departed so this was a great chance to see the results of our play day. I marveled at the texture and color she got....

Nancy loves to felt......and has been busy making Christmas gifts to sell at an upcoming gallery event. Isn't this pin cushion to die for??

Nancy also made this embellished felt ornament.

During our dye day, I tried dyeing some 100% wool that I'd felted. I had more than I could dye so I gave the balance to Nancy. In turn......she dyed several pieces for me when she got home........I'm blown away by the multicolor results she got.......mine look soooo boring in comparison. Thank you Nancy, you are always so generous!

Here's a better view of one of the pieces. I'm not sure I'll be able to cut this apart to use's very thick so it will hold up to my embellishing without any problem.....hummmm, now my hands are itching to start a project.

Patsy gave us all some cheesecloth to experiment's a sample of Nancy's dyeing skills.

No, she didn't stop there.......she dyed numerous pieces using a variety of colors and then wet felted them into scarves that she will be selling......

I'll be repeating this every time I chat about the Fiber Junkies.........The talent and generous nature of every member of our small group is so special.....grab some friends and start your own small group!!

Next I'll be posting the many, many photos of this new screen printing methods we learned from Judy Simmons.

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