Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay....this post won't mean anything you 99% of you faithful readers......but this is a warning to the members of PTA (a small fiber group of which I'm a member.)

When we met last week.......Georgia Bonesteel quietly placed this canvas bag in my trunk.....saying it contained some silk scraps she thought Judy Simmons and I might enjoy.
We'd had a full day visiting exhibits and we didn't look at it until we got back to our carpool location.

I took the bag out and handed it to Judy.........who yelped.....

"It's THE BIRD"!! I can't remember the story behind THE's been told to me several times but none seem to be consistant! Apparently for years and years a bird (stuffed or ceramic??) got passed around to unsuspecting members of the group in very clever methods. Then someone broke it.....again....the details are very sketchy....... So, it went to BIRD heaven.

Somehow there is now a new BIRD....... No one can remember who got stuck with it last because it may be months and months before it appears again.

However, (I think thanks to Georgia) it's now sporting a necklace. Well, I got stuck with it as Judy immediately dropped the bag back into my trunk after retrieving her own stuff and quickly headed to her car. Beware PTA members........THE BIRD is looking for a new resting place.

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