Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As I made my way across the country last week......one of my connecting cities was Chicago. "The husband" and lived there for a major portion of our married life....though if anyone asked, where I lived, unconsciously I tended to reply Wisconsin (because we had a weekend home there and I truly believed my part-time home was Illinois!)

I'm really not an urban gal.....even though we did live in the city of Chicago when we first met. Later we moved to the suburbs, away from city life. As the plane came in for a landing on Sunday, I was reminded why that lifestyle makes me so uncomfortable.....and that.......

......how this is a much better fit for me. The trees are just beginning to change....it's a tad overcast today so I couldn't capture the amazing brilliance of color that the Great Smoky Mountain area is so famous for......will keep my camera handy and post when I can.

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