Monday, September 6, 2010


....the conclusion of the Fiber Junkie's September meeting was Show and Tell.

Carol Sloan painted these adorable wood plaques......she will be selling her work in the West Greenville Art Fair - Sept. 18-19th. Go to Carol's blog to get more info.....if you are in the area, don't miss her booth!

And more.....

Carol likes to use old sheet music and pages from damaged books.....she mounts them on canvas and then paints her adorable scenes......

Val is participating in the West Asheville Bookopolis 2010.....BookWorks is hosting this event.
We were all blown away with this large book Val created.......

The cover is gorgeous.....and inside there were breathtaking handmade papers that she dyed, printed & painted......oh my!!

Nancy brought another one of her felted and embellished water bottle holders.....we LOVE them!

I have to admit that each time we meet, after Nancy does her show and tell......I'm left dazed by her creativity and feeling that I'm standing still. With all the travel teaching I do.....I just do not have enough time to experiment.......but perhaps soon.

Here Nancy used a photograph of a flower and painted water colors over the image.......isn't this neat??

I can't wait for the October Fiber Junkie meeting. If these reports make you feel like you are standing still.......grab a couple of creative friends and get a group started yourself! That's how this one got began......I decided to start a small group, emailed some artists I admired, and look what's happened!

I'm posting this blog from United's Red Carpet Club in Chicago....... of my vices and a declaration I made early on.....the day I'm not flying enough to justify a membership to an airline club is the day I quite traveling. Yup, that sounds soooo prima dona....but given that for the most part I'm flying on commuter flights with 3 connections, having this hidden oasis is so important. Have you ever tried to find a seat in the commuter boarding area where 4-5 planes are leaving about the same time? Ridiculous? Airline clubs have their own customer service need to stand in long lines when travel plans go array. Also....kudos's to 'the perfect child' who upgraded me today.....I love you!!!

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