Thursday, September 30, 2010


Do you get frustrated too when life gets in the way of quilting? Gosh, it seems like forever since I've been able to create..... However, I was able to sqeeze in a few hours here and there recently to begin another wool project.

Normally, I like to post photos after the quilt is finished, but I'm feeling so guilty about my lack of quilting related posts......that I decided to share what I've completed so far. The color in photo #3 is probably the most true.

Last month the members of Fiber Junkies (a small bee I helped to organize about a year ago) gathered to dye fabric. This 100% wool felt started out as a rather boring tan color. I've been searching for a way to add more texture for the backgrounds of my wool this case the bronze and orange dye I used helped to achieve that goal.

As fall approaches here in the mountains, the trees begin their slow color change.....greens become paler and yellows start popping out. So, that was my inspiration for this piece. Soon the trees will display brilliant red, orange, & yellow leaves, perhaps this can become a series!

The wool background fabric has been stabilized, and using templates from a drawing I made, I cut wool motifs and fused them onto the background. Next I added small branches by machine stitching with Rayon thread. Note the trees at each end on the bottom row. My original idea was to use a border to visually frame the design because I liked the idea of the trees sort of trailing off on the sides.

However, after struggling to find the right color and design choice for finishing the edge.....I had to admit it wasn't working.

Plan B....... I spent 2 hours carefully picking out the machine stitching and removing the original end tree sections. I replaced them with new trees with curved edges.

I've now begun embroidering random 'chicken scratchings' on the background, again to add more depth and texture to the piece.

Here's a detail......once that's completed I'll trim the edges, add a backing and decorative beading along the edge......or perhaps just more embroidery. Let's see what this piece tells me to do.

I have a super busy next 9 hang with me.....I'll update you when it's finished.

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Julie Bagamary said...

It's beautiful Mary and just in time for the cooler weather.