Sunday, September 5, 2010

FIBER JUNKIES DYE DAY - Part 2 that our dyes are mixed and the fabric is removed from the soda ash/water soak and wrung out.....we are ready for the big party! Note: The fabric remains damp/wet but not dripping wet.

Patsy has perfected a great system....she uses contact paper covered boards (like pegboard, but without the holes) to provide a larger work surface. The contact paper prevents the dyes from staining the board.

She works wearing rubber gloves and has a bowl of water handy to rinse them of any dye when switching colors.

She pours dye directly onto the fabric, using a drip cloth to help control any splatter (if splatter isn't desired). Even our drip cloths were beautiful at the end of the day!

Patsy adds dye from light to dark colors.......keeping in mind which colors mix well to achieve additional colors.
Notice how the dye is spreading and creating wonderful patterns.....too cool!

The hills and valleys of the fabric also contribute to the look.....The 'hills' will be lighter as the dye runs down to collect at the base, often developing darker lines of color. The valleys will also be darker where the dye collects.

This look is a personal decision, some like their fabric to be totally smooth with even color distribution, others prefer more texture.....and what's so great is that you can somewhat control the results.

I happen to like the 'cracked' color look!

We all get such a kick out of Patsy's absolute dislike of drives her nuts to see spots of white on her dyed fabrics. Here she is, back on the driveway with squeeze bottle in hand ready to attack a tiny spot of white she discovered on a piece of her fabric drying in the driveway!!

More tomorrow.....

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