Monday, September 6, 2010


......and the Fiber Junkie Dye Day continues.......

......reminder to self........use rubber gloves that do not have holes in the fingers when dyeing fabric!

We made a lot of's just some of our fabric drying in the sun......

Val's masterpiece is already absolutely sparkled!

Judy's just started to dry. She's over the moon with all the little fabric bubbles....knowing she's going to achieve great texture.

Here are 3 of my felt pieces. The top two are National Nonwoven's Bamboo/Rayon Xotic Felt. The one on the left is their new reformulated Xotic. It's noticably thinner then the original after getting a make over (in part) to address concerns about the pilling, wrinkling, and instability of their dyes. I tested the original fabric for them and reported these issues....though I'm sure they didn't just do it on my say so.'s so thin, that after the soaking, dyeing, rinsing, drying.....there are numerous rips in the fabric. This may not be suitable for dyeing and perhaps even other wet fabric manipulation processes. The original Xotic came out just fine.

Here's another look at the mystery fabric I over-dyed. Thanks to Hannele for reminding me that this is Marimekko fabric. I 'thought' it was.....but I couldn't find that brand name on the edge. My actions may horrify some......and it's not that I didn't like the fabric's just that I knew I'd have a difficult time using them as is........ that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

By now we were HUNGRY........ We try to keep our lunch break short......but never deny ourselves goodies. The last time we were at Patsy's she made cookies but forgot to serve them. So.....this time she wrote herself a note which I found on the dining table.....what a hoot. I totally get it......I'll be wearing notes pinned to my clothing before too long!

This is THE must have weighed 5 pounds. I'm NOT kidding. Patsy purchased it at a very special, small bakery that specializes in carrot cakes.......declaring they make the best carrot cake in the world. was!!!

.....I think I have enough info for one more post......coming soon......

Tomorrow I'm strapping my wings on again and flying to Madison, WI, where I'll be presenting the opening lecture on Thursday evening for Quilt Expo, produced by Wisconsin Public TV and Nancy Zieman (of Sewing With Nancy & Nancy's Notions). I'll be leading 3 workshops as well......if you are attending, be sure to stop by and say hello.

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