Thursday, September 16, 2010


A quick look back at my recent Wisconsin trip......(cause I just found these photos on my camera!)......

Sadly, there wasn't an opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite WI foods. Yes, Culvers Chocolate Concrete Malt, which should be categorized as a single food group! However, this was Wisconsin where dairy products (and brats) of course there was ice cream to be had.

The funny thing about it.....I actually saw someone purchasing an ice cream cone at 7:53 AM, when I was on my way to my classroom the last day of my visit. I don't know what's more amazing....the fact that this stand was open at that hour or that someone was already enjoying ice cream!?!

To complete my visit on the last night in Madison......many thanks goes to Nora Rader who took me to Uno's for Pizza.....yes, this is a Chicago style deep fav. Certainly with all the cheese on it, Wisconsin can adopt it as their own.

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