Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm heading to Georgia to share my beading techniques with the members of the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild. It's always so rewarding to watch the students make the transition from excited yet anxious about learning to bead on fiber, to enthusiastically embracing the fun and confidence knowing that they CAN add bead embellishments to their quilt projects.

I'll be teaching the beading basics in the morning.....then we progress to creating this sampler of decorative beading techniques in the afternoon.

This sample, "Sunshine In My Garden" utilizes one of my favorite beading techniques.....'bead applique'. Here, silk ribbon, silk leaves, and silk flowers are attached to the quilt with beads....a tidy and decorative way to attach motifs to fiber.

The small 12" quilt is an example of some of the basic stitches covered in the morning session....the single bead back stitch, scatter stitching, and a lace stitch (barely visible in this photo on the binding.) These techniques and more are available in my books and instructional DVD. To order, click here.

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