Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday 4 of us 'Fiber Junkies' did an outing to various outlet stores.......

We began in South Carolina at a large fabric's the sort of metal warehouse building that you may not even notice if you drove by....and if you did....perhaps you might not bother to stop. Good thing Nancy, our lead in finding all sorts of great bargains is adventuresome!

There were boxes as tall as my waist filled with remnants of every fiber content you can imagine.

Bolts and flat folds fill this warehouse as well. Except for myself, my friends all dye/paint/print their own the hunt ended with many exciting new fibers to play with.

I wonder why anyone would need so much netting.....I'm guessing there were at least 10 bins full of it!

Next door to the fabric outlet there's a resale shop.......most of it is true junk that I didn't want to paw through. Instead, I amused myself looking at the clothing.... Oh my......this dress must have weighed 50 pounds.....why anyone would think a evening gown should have one sleeve is a puzzle??

This one was designed by Della Roufogali.....a company called a price of $40.00....but lots of the beads threads were broken and beads missing.

This was the best find.....size 44D.....for $4.00. I tried to get one of my pals to model it for my photo but she refused!

Next we traveled back to NC, outside of Charlotte to Long Creek Mills, and industrial sewing and embroidery thread store. It had EVERYTHING one might need for machine embroidery....from stabilizers..... rows and rows of thread..... prices appear to be very good. They do a lot of online business we were told and ship orders daily....check them out here.

We also stopped at the famous Mary Jo' photo wasn't blog worthy.......but this HUGE fabric shop certainly is worth a visit if you are ever in the Charlotte, NC area.

**I'm sorry I didn't post the name and location of the fabric outlet.....I know we got off I26 at exit 1.....but after that....of course I was lost, esp. since I was a passenger. I'm trying to get more details to share..... BUT...if you are in the area.....frankly, I'd head to Mary Jo's's the info from my friend Nancy our leader in the search for fun bargains: KRB Fabric Outlet, 4571 Hwy. 9 Boiling Springs S.C. 29316 864-578-8752. The fabric outlet is open Tues.-Sat. They are very low tech and do not have a web-site of their own, but the consignment warehouse next door has one


KQ Sue said...

Ok, share! Where is the outlet fabric store, in SC? I am here for a long weekend, then heading for Hendersonville NC, for the Apple Festival, Sunday.

KQ Sue said...

Cool, Thanks! Have to go back through there.