Saturday, May 8, 2010


To show my gratitude to the participants attending my quilting tours and cruises, long ago I began making special commemorative pins for each trip. It's a fun creative exercise to tie the theme of the pin in with our destination.

My Great Smoky Mountain Quilting Tour will take place in the Asheville, NC area in August. I'm really looking forward to sharing our amazingly beautiful scenery and the quilting, arts, crafts, and mountain folks with our group. It's not too late to join the here to download a brochure...... among all the other activities we've got planned, you too can spend two nights at the historic Biltmore Estates Hotel!! We'll also be having our farewell dinner at the Biltmore.....

We will be escorted by Barbara Webster, the creator of the Quilt Trail, as we travel the mountain back roads to view huge quilt blocks displayed on barns, businesses, and even homes.

I've taken a photo of a feed store with its' quilt block.....and used my printer to printed 2" squares on muslin.

The photos have been mounted on a piece of felted wool with a pin back. Besides being a nice 'party favor', attendees tell me they find it easier to recognize others in the group during those first few days when everyone's face is still unfamiliar. Our first full day will be spent at the Asheville Quilt Guild's Quilt finding other group members will be easier when they where their pins.

Like I said, I've been doing this ever since I began cruisin' with Doreen Speckmann back in 1994.....though I haven't retained a sample of every single's are a few.

And more....... I hope to see some of you in August!!


Windy Hills Happenings said...

I still have my Butterfly pin and love it!...what a great idea!

Wendy said...

Oh Mary, i SOOOO want to go...
But it's a little steep for me.

I KNOW, i know, it's a guaranteed good time 'cause YOU'll be there, but still... it'salotta money.

So i'll just log onto your blog and live vicariously, i guess...

That is... IF you happen to blog about it! (Crap! Just thought of that!)

...oh well...