Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm heading to the Bear Creek Quilt Guild in Keller, TX......... The workshop they've chosen is one of my favorites to teach..... Bead Embellished Wool Collage....

My projects consist of a whole-cloth background, usually woolfelt since it's sturdier than wool. In this example, the gold background is woolfelt, the pattern blue center is a Moda over-dyed wool, and the design features antique buttons which are beaded onto the background.

I love how freeing it is to work with this material.......especially when using woolfelt since it cuts fraying to overcome. In this case, the colorful woolfelt strips are attached to the white wool background with beads......I call it 'bead applique'.
There are only 3 beads on this table topper....which represent the eyes of the hobby horses. The motifs are machine appliqued.....which of course expedites the construction process.

Here's another small wall piece, about 11" x 12".....all the motifs are 'bead appliqued' to the green woolfelt background. The orange backing (which hides and protects the threads of the center square, is large enough to add a narrow's been attached using larger orange beads.

I'm looking forward sharing the tips and tricks I've developed working with woolfelt.....and I know I'll have some great photos to share with all of you.....wherever you are!

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