Friday, November 6, 2009


Several days ago I began posting the process photos of my newest project working with the new and improved Xotic-Felt - Bamboo/Rayon. It's now's the rest of the story....

Originally I thought I'd need put this into a frame due to the weight of the embellishments. However by using a combination of a non-fusible stabilizer and somewhat dense machine quilting on the center section, along with additional rectangle and sq. (purple) motifs, again machine stitched, I felt it just may hold up to displaying with a traditional fabric sleeve added to the backing (reddish fabric).

The next dilemma was how to finish the edges. The traditional narrow folded binding method is too thick to achieve a tidy edge. Instead, I backed the center embellished rectangle with a larger piece of the extended about 2" beyond the center's outer edges.

Next I cut strips of the same reddish felt....about 1 1/4" wide and backed it with a non-fusible stabilizer. I marked two long gentle curved lines about 1" apart and filled that area with machine stitching to resemble tree bark. Notice the strip on the far right....the left side has been trimmed up to the outside stitching line, the right side has not yet been trimmed.

I experimented with various colors of rayon thread to gauge their visual impact and stabilizing properties. In the end, I settled on a medium brown and Sulky's Stitch and Tear Stabilizer.

Sticks & Stones 10" x 13"
Price - $225 (includes insured shipping)
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**NOTE - click the photo for a larger image

The strips were positioned to cover the raw edge of the brown center, extending onto the larger backing fabric and machine stitched in place. The outside edges of each strip and excess backing was then trimmed away.

This approach not only visually framed the piece, it also provided plenty of support to allow the wall piece to hang nice and flat on the wall.

Detail - Sticks & Stones


Jane Moxey said...

Gorgeous piece Mary! I love your border treatment! Those rusty border bits look like bits of wood themselves -- Niiiiice!

Patsy Thompson said...

Hi Mary,
I absolutely love how you finished the edges. It solved the issue of how to finish them but that border really adds a lot to the overall piece as well!

Nanette said...

Love it! Your work is fabulous Mary.