Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Fiber Arts Alliance meets in Asheville the first Tuesday of the month. With over 100 talented members, each meeting brings new methods and techniques for us to get acquainted with. Members generously present demonstrations that highlight their speciality. This runs the gambut from dying fabric, painting fibers, tatting, computer manipulated and printed images, framing work, creative methods to display work, and on and on and on.

Today Jan Sapp - jamsapp007@aol.com shared her vast knowledge and expertise about bookbinding. She's studied this art from the very best this country has to offer so we were all thrilled to see her samples and hear her tips. She'll be teaching workshops at AB Tech. in Asheville shortly......contact her for further information if you'd like to register.

This may look like a cover for a typical notebook....NOT so.....

Upon opening, you are greeted with elaborately folded pages that can be laid flat to examine the text....this was so cool.

The cover of this journal may provide a hint about the content......yet we were all still stunned by the creativity inside!

The pagesfeatured specific travel images.....viewed through a series of cut out heart shapes. The intersections of the pages featured thin bamboo sticks stitched to the paper.


Side view.....isn't this amazing??

This leather wood notebook/journal was yet another example of Jan's talents.

It was fitted with a large number of pages featuring a variety of paper styles....many appeared hand made. Jan led the group through a simple example of folding paper, adding a cover and stitching a binding.

This is just another reason to skip sleeping all together....heck......there's so much to learn - projects to create....how can we possibly waste time sleeping??

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