Monday, November 9, 2009


Between running to the computer and TV to check stats on the various NFL games that impact the Suicide Pool......I still found a little time to do some work on my Paisley quilt.

BTW...Yeah....Seattle won.....but not without giving me a bit of a scare. We are down to 10 participants after 1 person got bumped out with the Packer's loss. (Sad....I NEVER want to see the Packers get defeated......we had such high hopes this year!)

So....back to the Paisley design process. My original drawing included some curls and small feather shapes migrating from several of the Paisley motifs. Transferring those shapes to the front of the piece was as simple (and not terribly time consuming) as thread basting along the design lines from the wrong side.

Tracing from my original drawing on the right side is not possible, even using a light box since the wool is too dense to see through. Besides..... obtaining narrow marking lines on wool/felt is near impossible due to its texture.

This basting trick provides a tidy, narrow line to follow for hand embroidering.

Though I'm not quite finished yet......the impact is pleasing as it provides additional depth, color and texture. Next comes the beading.....

However....that will have to wait as I'm off before the crack o'dawn tomorrow to Misson, TX where I'll lead 3 full day workshops and a lecture for the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild. This is my last teaching trip for the year that requires air travel and since I'm facing 3 flights and about 9 hrs. in transit, I can honestly say....YEAH! I LOVE, LOVE teaching......but all the nonsense, hassle and stress of multiple flights on different airline, when it's vital to arrive with your luggage, leaves me weak in the knees. It's a good thing I have quilter's smiling faces to look forward to!!

Will touch base as I can......


Jane Moxey said...

Loving that Paisley piece! Hooray for Wonder Under. I never thought about fusing wool shapes! Duh. Hope you had a smooth journey to your gig. That sure sounds like a lotta travel!

Nanette S. Zeller said...

I'm really loving the paisley. It looks great right now and I know when you get the beadwork finished it will be fabulous.

You're amazing!