Monday, November 23, 2009


WARNING: This is another NFL suicide pool post......

Whew....what a drama filled Sunday......I'm relieved and quite frankly LUCKY to still be in the pool. Jacksonville had a last minute....and I mean...last minute win.

Of the 10 participants in week 11, 4 teams were picked as winners..... Cincinnati, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh. Now there are 5 of us left, after Cinn. & Pit. lost. All of the games were very close. And as they say....on any given Sunday.... haven't heard that term? It means's possible for any team (underdog) to beat a favored team at any game....upsets happen!

So, I'll be researching my pick with even more diligence this week. I'd love to claim the pot (who wouldn't?), but seriously...just being in the pool is so darn much fun and makes all the games so much more interesting....that I'd hate to get dropped.

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