Tuesday, November 24, 2009


'The husband' continues to deal with some health issues......which is keeping him out of his man cave and that's temporarily changed how I work.

99 out of 100 times when I bead, it's not sitting at a table. I favor our denim couch with a bright light over my shoulder, feet up on a coffee table, and the big screen set to mind numbing nonsense! My work is secured in a Q-snap frame and I like to place a lap board on my legs......my beads are on the couch seat next to me.....basically I create my own cave.

Right now I'm working on a project, sitting on a stool at my tall cutting table. My work is still secured in a Q-snap frame for the beading process.....however I do remove it from time to time as you see in this photo. It's helpful to place it on my design wall and view the impact of my bead and motif choices.

Because of this new set up......I finally forced myself to get my beads more organized. They were literally overflowing out of the inadequate number of storage cases. Being able to quickly find the color and style of bead is sensible....so I purchased more large fishing tackle containers and spent hours resorting by style (bugle, seeds, other) and color. I've got a lot more to go as you can see by the cardboard boxes on the shelf beneath the plastic boxes......and what you can't see.....the boxes on the floor. But I'm feeling quite pleased with my efforts anyway.

Seed beads organized by color.

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Carol Sloan said...

Now, that's eye candy...good job with the organizing!