Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday, my complimentary copy of the Dec. 2009 Holiday issue of McCall's Quilting magazine arrived in the mail.......yippie.....I'm a cover girl....well sort of. Get your magnifiers out and check out the box in the lower left corner and you'll see my woolfelt mitten ornaments, festively attached to a gift box.

McCall's always does such a great job translating my articles/'s a pleasure to work with them. My article can be found on pages 40-42. Additionally, their website has one quick and one yummy version of the ornament. Working with wool must be catching on, this issue also features a larger pieced wall hanging and some fun jewelry. Get your copy today.....

Besides being an attractive addition to gift wrapping, another clever way to display the bead embellished small mittens is to hang them from a door knob, or even the obvious....on a Christmas tree.