Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Some time ago I had the opportunity to work with National Nonwovens new XoticFelt.....50/50 Bamboo/Rayon. I loved it....though there were some issues to report: colorfastness, excess wrinkling, and pilling.

I'm happy to report I just received samples of their reworked 6 new holiday colors. The colors such as: Tropical Rainforest, Blue Hawaii, & Purple Paradise are so enticing. The fabric just arrived so there's been no time yet to experiment much, but I have tested it for colorfastness, and it passed...yeah!

However, I noticed it's a bit thinner than the first batch I tested, but since Bamboo is a strong fiber, it may not be a negative. I still found it to have a super soft texture, wonderful vibrant colors, and easy to cut.

There is even a 'white' in the packet....which I'll be turning over to my friend Nancy who is an expert at dying anything that stands still. The idea of having this fabric available dyed with lush mottled colors is exciting and Nancy's the gal to do it.

Bamboo Sunset 17" x 16" was the first piece I created from the original set of colorways I worked with. Being a wall hanging, none of the problems I found with that batch of fabric caused any issues, but it's good to know they've solved them anyway.

This piece was part of our (PTA) fiber group's recent exhibit at the WNC Arboretum which came down yesterday, well...this piece actually had been SOLD during the it wasn't there to come down!! Yeah......

On a purely personal note.....I was silent yesterday because I was in mourning due to the Packer's loss to the Vikings on Monday night football. It was difficult watching our once beloved Brett wearing purple....but he sure reminded us of the old Brett. I'll be studying tonight to select my week #5 NFL pick for the Suicide Pool. As the weeks pass, it becomes more difficult to make my weekly selections because we can't use any of the previous teams we picked. I know that's only 4 teams but still......and of course that's part of the challenge and fun.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale of Bamboo Sunset! It is gorgeous as are the new felt samples you received. I was with you in spirit on Monday Night Football. Good luck on your football pool....Gwen

Mary Stori said... case anyone else wants to feel my pain or football pool pick for Sunday - Oct. Dallas...... Keep your fingers crossed....

Kathy ( said...

Hi - I am looking for a source of very thin good quality felt. I make felt cakes and desserts and would love to sell them on Etsy. My problem is that Xotic colors are not ones I could use. I need dark brown, light pink and cream colors. Does anyone know of such a felt that comes in a good range of colors that I could purchase in large quantities? I need a business licence but I need a felt source first.
many thanks

Melissa Crowe said...

Feltorama has a wool-blend felt that's also very thin and silky in texture, and it comes in a wider variety of colors.