Sunday, October 18, 2009


GO PACKERS!!!!! Yup, you guessed week 6 suicide pool pick is a Packer win over the Detroit Loins. There are still 19 participants left in the pool - 4 selected Packers.....but in all 7 different teams were picked to win. I'll have my eye on those games too....hoping others might get bummed out of the pool!

The Packer game will be played at historic Lambeau Field.......where I'm sure the tailgating has already begun! Our flag is already waving it's gold and green....a perfect compliment to the stunning fall color we have here in the sun filled mountains today.

Okay Aaron, we are counting on you and your arm (and hoping you have more protection this week). We'll be smiling along with you......


Julie Bagamary said...

Congrats Mary.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I was at a church function today when a family arrived with daughters dressed in costume. "So why aren't YOU in costume too?" I asked the dad. He just grinned. He was wearing a Packer jacket, and I haven't been away from WI long enough, I guess, for it to register that I should NOT be seeing the familiar gold and green out here. I'd probably have noticed a cheesehead though. VBG