Friday, October 16, 2009


It's been quite a week.....last Friday we were in Birmingham, AL, beginning a long awaited for motorcycle event (well.....long awaited by 'the husband')......this Friday we are 5 days post eye surgery.

'The husband' lost vision in one eye about 28 years ago as a result of glaucoma which was first misdiagnosed in his teens and then mishandled in his early twenties. He's adapted remarkably well to the use of only one eye. He has glaucoma in the 'good' eye too, which has been treated with good care for years. During our trip to this race, he had a sudden onset of lightening flashes in his eye that got worse as the weekend continued. He saw a retina specialist early Monday morning which was followed by surgery within 2 hours. Happily there appears to be a good outlook.

After the surgery, the Doctor told him the hardest part was yet to come. Doc's instructions were 2 weeks of house reading, no computer, no lifting, no bending......and no walking. We both have bad backs and walk twice a day. The poor guy is almost like a caged he paces back and forth inside the house, trying to get a bit of exercise without much exertion. But he's doing fine and we both thank all of you for your concern and well wishes.'s 'the husband'....there really is one! The photo was taken at the Barber Motorsport Museum....which houses something like 5,000 motorcycles. 'The husband' was traveling down memory lane when he spotted this Triumph, the exact model he once owned.

This museum is unbelievable......5 sparkling clean, modern floors, filled with creative displays of every kind of motorcycle.

We quilters are familiar with the method of hanging quilts from fishing wire......well this must be really strong wire holding these bikes!

These displays reminded me of Christmas trees....

What a clever display......bikes that appear to be traveling around a track....

Does this bike ring a bell with anyone? It's the famous motorcycle featured in the 60's cult movie, Easy Rider.

Attention to detail is evident everywhere.....these engraved 'stoppers' are placed in front and behind each wheel...... Seriously, this place was amazing.....the owner made his fortune (and it must be a huge fortune) in his milk distributorship.

I'm not a fan of motorcycles, frankly they scare me and I won't even get on 'the husband's'. However, 'if' I ever did travel in one.....this looked more my style....of course I'd be out of the wind, rain, and sun....perhaps stitching away in comfort.


Janet said...

Hi Mary: That little cubby sounds like the way to go to me!
Your pictures are marvellous - I hope dear husband makes a good recovery from the retinal surgery. Good he got immediate care!!
Janet in sunny but very cold Nova Scotia

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, love the delux sidecar! We used to joke that we needed a sidecar so the dog could come with us, but she would have had to fight me to ride in this one!

Mmm, wander what it is about hubby owned one too once.