Saturday, October 24, 2009


Stop reading if you have no interest in football or are just sick of it. It's now NFL week #7 and I'm still in the suicide pool.....out of the 40 something that started.....12 now remain. The last 'man' standing (which I hope will read 'woman standing') wins the loot!

Football of course is an American Sport!

Buffed up guys run around throwing or carrying this odd shaped ball, bashing each other silly as much as they can.

European countries, such as England are passionate about a different sport.
It's called Soccer, where lean, physically fit men use their feet to wonk the ball into a large net...and oh ya.....there's lots of body bashing here too. You've heard of Soccer Mom's haven't you......what does that tell you?? Generally in the US, soccer is the sport of kids. Take no offense you soccer lovers.....'the perfect' child played soccer and I still love to watch this fast passed sport myself.

So.....why are these New England Patriots traveling in the lap of luxury to the UK where they will play the Tampa Bay on Sunday? It beats me!!

The last time these two teams met in 2005, the Patriots shutout the Buccaneers 28-0. I sure hope jet lag and a cushy 'European vacation' doesn't provide them an excuse for losing this game.......because I picked New England to win!!

Fingers crossed everyone......

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Mary Stori said...

VBG - We will be monitoringthe Packer game, along with New England today. 'The husband' is still under 'house arrest' from the Dr. so activities are limited.

Next week the Packers play the Vikings.....for those of you reading this...because you are bored or care about know this is a BIG, BIG game....