Thursday, January 8, 2009


'The husband' loves the availability of good Southern BBQ that is found everywhere here, especially pulled pork.  He's in hog heaven.....get it??   Oh well....just an attempt at humor....

One problem though is that we live about 20 mins. (one-way) from town.....the price one pays for living the rural mountain life!  So, 'the husband' has been experimenting with smoking his own pork.

This started out as a 6 pound hunk of pork butt/shoulder??  Now that I write this....I'm not sure of the cut....just know it was cheap, big, and shrunk down to about half its size after being smoked in our Big Green Egg from 11:00 AM one morning to 7:00 AM the following day.

Using two pull the meat, shredding it into small pieces.

TA-DA....  Sadly, it's basically wasted on me......I'm not all that fond of it, but we'll be eating pulled pork for weeks!

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Joyce said...

1) add some BQ sauce and fix a sandwich
2) Add meat to a box of prepared Zatterans Rice and Blackeyed peas
3) Use it in a vegetable soup base.
Pulled pork is GREAT--- and fattening---This was probably a Boston Butt, which can also be cooked for 12 hours in the crock pot for a great meal.