Thursday, January 15, 2009


After 3 wonderful days at the first annual PTA Quilt Retreat.....I'm home, fat and happy!

PTA originally stood for - Piecers - Talkers - Appliquers -  after much discussion, the group now will be known as: Professional Teachers for the Arts.  The folks at the retreat center had wondered what PTA stood for and came up with this title....we thought it was so good, we stole it.

This is the view we had of of Lake Logan from our sewing room.

Three of us made eye-spy quilts.....pooling our fabrics.  The quilts consist of 4 1/2"square  fussy cut conversation print fabrics.....we probably had about 200 to select from, surrounded by strips of brightly colored fabrics.  This is some of what was left after 5 quilts were produced.

We had piles of 2  1/2" wide strips precut to make the piecing go faster.

This is my make shift design wall and my completed blocks.

And....ta-da......3 of the 5 completed quilts.  I added borders of some leftover strips. 

Well.....I'm totally pooped....having fun is hard work.....I'm off to bed to recover!

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Carol Sloan said...

sounds like you had a great time! I really like the fabric sharing idea. And the New Title.