Friday, January 16, 2009


Our fiber arts group is made up of super talented and dedicated quilters who can sew faster than any others I've seen.  Here's some of the fabulous projects that were in progress during our retreat.

Georgia Bonesteel was playing around with these log cabin blocks which were stitched with authentic indigo fabrics.  If I made pieced quilts....this is the kind that tug at my heart!

I recently showed you my ongoing project using the letter "A"....which will be hung with numerous others to spell out a word.  Georgia has the letter "G".  The multiple design motifs add so much depth and interest!

Leigh Anne drove all the way from Memphis to join the fun.  She used her time to work on several projects.  Sadly, I got so engrossed in making my silly eye-spy quilt....that I fell down on the job of picture taking, so all I have is her partial layout.

We are all proud of Connie Brown who will be taking her final test to become certified as an AQS Appraiser in April.  And we are one lucky group because she practices with our quilts. She appraised this turn of the century piece brought by Janice and provided the whole group with interesting insights about its origin.  The outer border was probably added to this vintage top much later...perhaps the 70's, when the quilt was finished.

Barbara LOVES to piece and not puny little brainless patchwork either.  Her work is scrappy with great design and thoughtful color placement.  With the help of design guru......Barbara whipped up this piece in what seemed like 2 hours!

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Jan said...

It sounds like you all had so much fun and got so much done. Thanks for sharing the pics, they are great.