Friday, January 23, 2009

Rhummmm rhummmm

Rhummmm....a loud, low rumbling noise......that's pretty much what we'll be hearing all through the 3 days we attend the annual Rolex 24 Hour Race.  That's music to some ears.....others.....well.....I'm trying to keep my ear buds of my ipod clearly planted in my ears instead, while I drift off to other worlds. (just kidding....sort of.) 

The first thing that struck us was the lack of crowds.  I'm sure all these protective fences have always been here.....but I never noticed them before due to all the cars/people blocking the view.

Rolex is the official sponsor of this race..... since it's a timed race.....they apparently need a time a clock that's super expense to alert everyone when 24 hours has passed!

The sea gulls are loving all the empty parking spaces......normally these sections would be filled with motorhomes and folks partying.

Another sign of the economic woes......usually I see VERY elaborate party-mobiles.  Seriously, some have been very, very fancy, ready for royalty!  This one is about the best I found......I thought it was very amusing that the owners apparently felt it necessary to take precautions with their water hook up.  Note they have a water filter in the line....just to the left of the green tank.  Who'd have thunk?  Most people seem to be mainlining beer and don't worry about water.

This is how the other half lives....well actually this is pretty good, because I saw a couple of guys who just dug a fire pit and had their sleeping bags arranged around signs of a tent at all.

I'm so happy to have a nice comfy hotel to go to.  My cold has peaked and I've used a whole box of kleenex today, I'm a bit testy, and not finding this event so much fun.....  I'm sure with a good nights' sleep....I'll be better tomorrow.  Though the husband just told me the race doesn't start tomorrow until 3:30 PM....not 2......but the clinker is, we still need to arrive no later than 8:30 AM or 9:00 if we want to park in the Porsche Paddock.  And, there's no way in this wide world that the husband would park his baby (and I'm not talking about me) in the general parking area!  The Porsche Paddock is a secure parking area and only Porsche Club of America members can park there.  Saves on door dings etc.  In the past it's always filled no later than 10:30 or 11:00 AM.....hard to know how many folks have decided not to attend this year.

The more exciting the race is, the longer we'll have to stay in the I'm hoping that the drivers all behave we can leave about 10:00 PM....heck when we come back Sunday morning.....they'll still be driving till 3:30 PM.....that's lot's of time for them to show off their talent in the daylight!

My cold and I are off to bed.....


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

It doesn't look like there is any more going on there right now than when I drive by it in March.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Did everyone shoot their wad going to the inaugural festivities?