Monday, October 20, 2008


I've actually had time to sneak in some sewing these last few days......alas....since I'm working on Christmas gifts, I can't share any details.

Instead, I'll resort to reporting on the formation of our homeowners association.....which is probably the world's smallest.  All but 5 lots of the 50 some in our community have been sold, but to date there are only 4 homes.  Apparently, folks who've purchased lots haven't been able to sell their home wherever they live, therefore can't build here.  Frankly, it's okay by's been over 2 years since we moved in and I've sort of claimed the area for myself!

Never the less.....since the developer had sort of let the common area get shabby, 'the husband' volunteered to spiff up our entrance by adding lighting to the sign and water feature.  Sorry about the fuzzy photo. 

Clearly, I need a better flash on my camera, truly is a picture of the low level lighting on our water feature.  Maybe if you squint your eyes you can see a bit of the water flowing in the center back.

That's the low level excitement in my life for today, let's see what tomorrow brings.

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