Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Banks have been much in the news lately......the negative reports make us all uncomfortable This blog doesn't talk politics......I'm making one slight exception....and that is to say I'm sick of the whole I'm focusing on the positives instead.  Head in the sand?  Perhaps, butit's better than having a heart montior on my chest due to the stress of listening to how the sky is falling. 

Our little home town bank is fabulous.  You are always greeted by name, with lots of smiles and 'hey, how ya doin's?"   The staff doesn't miss an opportunity to decorate and lift spirits for any holiday or event.  Doesn't this just make you grin?

And of course, they know a good way to the customers heart is through their stomach! Halloween candy has been available by the handful for several weeks already.

Now this is truly amazing.....and it's available all year long.  Yup, you got ice cream....and not the cheap stuff either.

Home baked cookies and hot coffee are another year round staple....I find myself going inside for my banking rather than using the drive thru window....yummy.  There's also a cooler with cold pop and water.   So.....if you live in this area....look for a Mountain First Bank......besides banking, they offer food!

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