Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've finally visited the famous Mary Jo's Cloth Store near Charlotte, NC.'s everything everyone said it would be, despite its very plain exterior.

Yup, that's me a Mary Jo's virgin.

Fabric as far as the eye can see......and all priced right!

Every kind of fabric too.....from cottons to silks, to wools, to linens, to wools.

NO ONE would ever believe that a quilter could walk out of the store with one spool of thread as their only purchase.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I did.......I've been told that as a newbie....often it's too overwhelming to let loose the first time....and of course it helps if one has a plan in the first place.  There wasn't any felted wool or any wool that looked like it would felt so my pocket book was safe for this trip.

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