Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The Biltmore House is the area's biggest tourist attraction.  It was built as a country home by George W. Vanderbilt, the grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who made the family fortune in shipping and railroads.  Biltmore House opened on Christmas Eve 1895.

It was and still is the largest private residence in the country.  It truly must be seen to be believed.  One astonishing example that may put it into perspective:  It has 43 bathrooms.....amazing since at that time, few homes had any indoor plumbing.

I was playing tourist so much, my picture taking took a back seat.  'The husband' has a fondness for gargoyles, of which there were ample numbers both inside and out.

What a roses still in bloom against the crisp russet color of the trees.
24 members of the Asheville Quilt Guild participated in an exhibit displayed at the Deerpark Restaurant.  They were in a room, not unlike a gallery, where visitors could stroll and enjoy them.  This fun quilt, "Dresden Flower Garden" was made by Judy Simmons.

There are many restaurants on the property.  Here's a view of the Stables....yup it originally housed horses.  I suspect this was exclusively for the carriage horses because it's very close to the house.  No expense was spared.....the wood trim/doors were every bit as beautiful as the home and all the walls where white tiles.  The food was good too!

This is a must destination for anyone visiting Asheville.....

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Exuberant Color said...

My daughter's family took me there on my first trip to visit them in NC. We went on the opening night for the Christmas season. It is truly spectacular.